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Welcome to Next Stage Blogging

Welcome to my website, and welcome to where I’m creating a blogging center. What you will find as you read through these blogs are ideas, references, interesting articles, and other resources you can use to build a great Next Stage of your life. After all, if not now, when? If not you, who?

As you have hopefully seen through this website, Next Stage is all about creating an incredible life after you’re done with your career and the children have mostly moved on. This is that very special time of life where you can define what you want, pursue what is most meaningful to you, and create the life you’ve imagined. Those that are entering this stage of life are reinventing it in ways that have never been done in history. So, things may be a little confusing or undefined, but that is the way we want it. Hopefully, this blog, the articles in the Resources section of the website, and my book, Next Stage, will help you create and find the life you want. Feel free to offer comments and ideas, as well as share this with your friends.

Thank you, and Enjoy, Tom

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