Speaking and Coaching

As a thought leader, author, and presenter for his career expanding more than thirty years, Tom enjoys engaging audiences in meaningful discussions and creating insights. His speaking style with your group will bring the information, ideas, and stories included in Next Stage to life.

Thank you for your interest in considering Tom as a speaker at one of your upcoming events. We know how critical it is to have someone that engages, informs, and helps your audience learn something special from the presentations you sponsor.

In addition to providing a summary of his landmark book, Next Stage, Tom can address specific issues related to this time of life transition that may be of special interest to your people. Before any engagement, Tom wants to know about your audience,

their characteristics, and what they are most interested in. He wants to understand how your group best enjoys hearing information and ideas that you want Tom to cover. He believes in the importance of collaborating with you and tailoring the presentation to your unique needs.

Topic Ideas for Your Event

  • Preparing Your People for Off-Boarding and Retirement Planning
  • Addressing the Management Gridlock – Solutions for internal career promotional opportunities
  • Moving Through Uncertain Waters – Stages you may experience as you go through retirement
  • How to Create the Life that You Want

Fees and Expenses:

There is customarily a fee associated with Tom’s presentations. We can discuss this based on your audience and situation. Expenses associated with travel from Boston (or from his home in Concord, MA) will be added and invoiced at cost.

Exploring the Invitation:

If this sounds interesting and important to you and your audience, please contact Tom directly by email at Tom@Mynextstage.org. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Create the Life You Want

Have Tom help you move to your Next Stage

If you are approaching or fully engaged in this time of critical transition from a career to one that is open, broad and “to be determined”, then this Program will be important for you. Based on the research, insights and experiences described in his book, Next Stage, Tom Wilson has developed a 6-Session Program called “Finding Your New Direction in Your Next Stage” to help you successfully make this transition to one where you are living the life that you truly want. The core program takes 5-weeks, plus a to-be- scheduled follow-up session.

Primary Outcomes:

Individuals who participate in this Program will find a renewed sense of purpose, focus and confidence. This is a time when you are no longer defined by work obligations and so it is a time to reinvent your life moving forward. In these sessions you will discover what truly motivates, engages, and inspires you. You will better understand your strengths and talents, and know how you can use these to create the life you want. You will have an action plan that can only be developed when you have someone to talk to and explore alternative futures with someone who has been there. If not now, when? If not you, who?

What’s Included in this Program:

This Program will involve 6 one-hour individual coaching sessions that focus on the following key areas:

  1. Setting Priorities – a time to learn about your background, define what you want to address in this Program, and determine how we can best work together to provide the greatest value to you.
  2. It’s My Time – examining the areas that provide you the greatest sense of meaning and energy, and identifying your core strengths that have made you successful.
  3. It’s My Future – developing and exploring several alternative scenarios for your life going forward, and understanding why and how they are important for you.
  4. Redefine Your Identity – with a new perspective on your past, present and future, it is time to redefine your identity, how you describe yourself and who you want to be going forward.
  5. Develop the Master Plan – based on this new direction, let us develop a Master Plan that will make this vision you now have for yourself a reality.

Follow-Up Check In – Four to six weeks after the last session, we will reconnect and assess where you are with your Master Plan, what is working for you, and what needs to be revised or still done.

Next Steps:

Sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested?  Please contact me, and we can discuss what you need, your interests and questions, and determine your next steps.  Afterall, this is your life, and you are in charge.

Contact Tom at tom@MyNextStage.org.