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Meet Next Stage’s Nationally Recognized Author

“There are 10,000 people a day turning 65, and this will go on for another 18 years. So, you are not alone.”
- Tom Wilson


Tom Wilson, a nationally recognized author and management consultant, is a master problem-solver, synthesizer, and communicator. His career has focused on taking complex information and making it simple to understand and to act upon.


Tom is the founder and president of the Wilson Group. The Wilson Group is a consulting firm with a simple mission – to help our clients implement their strategy and build their desired culture by aligning their total compensation and reward programs with the key success drivers of the business (WilsonGroup.com). They focus on mid-market companies and bring the experience of working in multiple industries to companies seeking to upgrade how to manage and reward their people.

He is the author of three books, including Innovative Reward Systems for the Changing Workplace (McGraw Hill), Rewards That Drive High Performance (AMACOM), and A Guide to Human Resource Planning in Healthcare Industry (American Hospital Association).

He has written over 30 articles, book chapters, and special features for Fortune Magazine, the Conference Board, Financial Times, and Boards and Directors. He has been quoted in the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, and the Boston Business Journal. He appeared on “On-Point” in WBGH Radio Boston.

Prior to forming Wilson Group, Tom was the national director of rewards for Aubrey Daniels & Associates; partner and general manager of New England for Hay Group, Inc.; and director of organizational consulting for the Forum Corporation. He holds a master’s degree from Vanderbilt Owen School of Management (Nashville, TN) and a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX). He was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tom lives with his wife and dog (Ollie) in Concord, MA. He particularly enjoys hiking, cycling, adventure travel, playing his banjo and guitar, singing with friends, writing, and working with spreadsheets. His favorite color is blue, like the sky and the ocean.



“Retirement is that incredible time of life, a new stage of life, where you can pursue the things that give you the greatest meaning, you can do those things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t, and where you can repair or let go of those things that are undone. The good news is this is your time to do what you want, and the bad news is that time is not on your side. If not now when? If not you, who? This is the time to create the life you’ve always wanted.”
- Tom Wilson