Retirement Planning Speaking

Retirement Planning Speaker in Concord, MA

When people hear the word "retirement," they often only think of getting older and no longer being able to work their regular jobs. However, this time can be an exciting, relaxing, and restorative chapter of your life with the right tools and attitudes. If you are in Concord, MA, My Next Stage and Tom Wilson are here to help as your fun and knowledgeable retirement planning coach.

Who Says Retirement Has to Be Boring?

When you reach old age and no longer have to work your day-to-day job, this doesn't have to be a sad day in your life. You can finally be free to visit your loved ones, take fun and exciting trips to new places you've always wanted to visit, and continue your love of learning. Many of these activities require savvy financial skills and positive attitudes, and that's where My Next Step is here to help.

With an informed and skilled retirement planning speaker like your coach Tom Wilson, we can help you enter this new stage of life with confidence. When you hire us for a speaking event, we take the time to engage with the audience to ensure their needs are addressed.

We understand that retirement can bring with it many questions and concerns, and we are here to help you reinvent yourself so that you can enter this stage confidently.

Our coaching sessions cover five main concerns that many senior adults consider when they enter retirement. These include:

  • What to do with your time
  • What to do with your money
  • Who you should live with as you age
  • How to see life differently

As we tackle each concern, our coaches will provide you with real-world advice that will help you save money, create a beautiful life plan, and cultivate positive attitudes towards retirement so that this can be a happy and exciting time of your life.

Who Says Coaching Shouldn't Be Fun?

So contact My Next Stage today to schedule our retirement planning coaches to attend your next function or event. Contact us through our online form.